Peking Duck Specialist
Peking Duck Specialist

Welcome to the Dragon Express Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand

Dragon Express is a Chinese, dine-in, fully licensed restaurant where Chefs prepare food of the highest quality, to Hong Kong standards of finest dining.

I would recommend you come to Dragon Express just to meet the chef and owner, Cliff.
He is such a character and always manages to make us laugh and to make his customers feel welcome and at ease with his sense of humour and passion for food. Come to Dragon Express today to enjoy the experience of carefully prepared, beautifully served, Chinese food.

Cliff would like to welcome everyone to try this traditional Chinese dining experience, while assuring you that there is no need to be wary of how to eat or to behave, simply come to Dragon Express Restaurant and immerse yourself in the experience.

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At Dragon Express we strongly believe that Chinese dining should be an experience to be enjoyed, and each carefully prepared dish to be discovered and savoured for its uniqueness. This passion led Cliff back to Hong Kong in the early 80’s to complete Chef training, so that he could bring those methods back to his home in New Zealand to be shared and enjoyed
by all.

Photo of a group eating

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