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DINING TOOLS – The What and What-For of Eating Utensils

This is just an explanation to help you feel at ease when you dine-in at Dragon Express Restaurant, for fine Chinese food dining in Christchurch.

  • 1 Round Plate
    The plate is traditionally for leftovers or things you don’t like or want to eat, such as bones, or onions etc.
    Additionally, the plate is for your to roll the pancake in your peking dish, or otherwise prepare food how you want to eat it. If you need another plate, please ask and we’ll be happy to give you another.
  • 1 Tea Cup
    Traditional Chinese diners like to enjoy a cup of hot Chinese tea during or after a meal, so the cup is there for tea, soup or any liquid.
    We are also happy to bring you any other beverage, warm or cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic that you would like to enjoy while dining.
  • 1 Rice Bowl
    The tradional way to enjoy Chinese food is to put rice from the main dish, into your own bowl. Then you add the other dishes on top of the rice and enjoy them together. If you ever feel like you need a fresh bowl, let us know and we’ll be happy to supply you one.
  • 1 Pair of Chopsticks
    We supply chopsticks simply because it is tradition, and we would like to encourage your to ‘give it a go!’, and immerse yourself in the Chinese dining experience.
    However, please do ask if you would like a knife and fork instead (or as well as), and we will be happy to supply them to you.
  • The Spoon
    You can use this item for soup, to scoop the last of the rice from your bowl, or to serve yourself as needed.

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