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The Four Plants representing the Four Seasons

The four gentlemen, also referred to as the four noble ones, often appear in Chinese art.
They are usually seen in the traditional ink and wash paintings, some of which feature in our Restaurant Décor.

These four gentlemen refer to the four plants that represent the main seasons. They are known as;


The orchid is known as a modest flower, and often used to descripe virtuous artists and scholars.
The orchid represents the season of Spring.


Bamboo represents the season of Summer, and is a symbol of longevity, flexibility and resilience since if can survive the hardest natural conditions, as well as being able to bend in a storm without breaking.

Plum Blossom

This is the first flower to bloom each year, so it represents renewal, purity and perseverance. As it appears while the weather is still cold, it is known as the flower of Winter.


The chrysanthemum represents Autumn, and is a symbol of longevitity due to it’s health-giving properties. Chrysanthemum wine was enjoyed by Chinese people during the Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) in order to prolong their lives. Today, chrysanthemum petal tea is still enjoyed for it’s health giving qualities.

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