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The Eight Immortals

In Chinese Mythology there are eight Immortals.

It is believe that these eight are a group of transcendent celestial beings.


These Immortals are known as;

  1. He Xian Gu - The Immortal Woman

  2. Cao Guojiu - The Royal Uncle Cao

  3. Tieguai Li - The Iron-Crutch Li

  4. Lan Cai - The Immortal Hermaphrodite

  5. Lu Dongbin- - The Chief Leader

  6. Han Xiang Zi - The Philosopher

  7. Zhand Guo Lao - The Elder

  8. Zhongli Quan - The Military Man

The Eight Immortals have been a part of Chinese oral history for generations before they were ever recorded in art and verse. The Eight Immortals are said to know the very secrets of nature, and each Immortal represents; male, female, the old, the young, the rich, the noble, the poor, and the humble chinese.

It is believed that each Immortal’s power can be transferred to a tool of power – a talisman that is associated with a certain meaning. The Eight Immortals are said to have the power to bestow life or destroy evil.

In Taoist legends they are known as the “Roaming Immortals”, and are revered by Taoists along with most of Chinese society, even today. Symbols representing the Immortals characteristics are depicted on a wide variety of embroidery, ivory, bronze and porcelain, in paintings, songs and stories.

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